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Isocool Are The Process Cooling Experts. With Us, You Can Achieve Maximum System Efficiency, Performance And Reliability With An Intelligent, Bespoke Process Cooling Solution.

We Can Help You To Save Up To 80% On Cooling Costs On Industrial Chillers And Process Cooling Equipment.

Isocool Services

Bespoke Design

Bespoke Design

At IsoCool, we provide expert bespoke designs for process cooling solutions, all designed with efficiency and performance in mind.

Bespoke Design

Cooling System Installation

IsoCool also prioritises seamless, time-saving installation services built around you and your needs.

Bespoke Design

Cooling System Maintenance

Providing a continuous and excellent maintenance service, IsoCool will keep your cooling system in peak condition year-round.

Bespoke Design

Energy Saving

With IsoCool’s process cooling solutions, you can achieve energy savings of up to 80% and reduce carbon emissions.

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As part of Atlas Copco, we are able to supply a portfolio of market-leading process cooling products, as well as an extensive range of supporting services to ensure that your equipment performs at its best. Count on our team of experts to deliver the most efficient solutions for your business.


Do you need to reduce your cooling costs? Would you like to improve the performance and efficiency of your process cooling systems? Or, do you require a turnkey cooling solution?


Whatever you need, IsoCool can help. Contact us today. 

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Why We’re The Trusted Process Cooling Experts

Iain McLeod

Manufacturing Director at Moulded Packaging Solutions


” Although we undertook some renewal of the system approximately 2 or 3 years ago, our goal with the latest addition to the equipment has been to improve energy efficiency and our carbon footprint. Talking with Nigel Hallett, we discovered that there are grants available for companies in our position, wishing to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint by improving their systems. IsoCool’s experience has proved invaluable. They have guided us through the process and removed a lot of the strain, allowing us to concentrate on our business and our customers.”

“The service we received from IsoCool was first class. We have previously been let down by another supplier and were therefore naturally cautious. However I would not have any hesitation in recommending IsoCool to anyone else, they are always available at the end of the phone line for advice and guidance, all round excellent.”

Ian Hood

Operations Director at Carclo Technical Plastics


“As well as having a great reputation and sharing our commitment to the environment, IsoCool are also focused on the bottom line. They provided us with a detailed proposal that included a payback schedule so we knew from the outset what savings we would make.”

“… the professional installation exceeded our expectations. I’d have no hesitation in recommending them to any manufacturer who wants to reduce energy and cost consumption.”

Steve Cadman

Injection Mould Manager at Gratnells


“They (IsoCool) suggested that an air blast cooler would provide an excellent ROI by lowering costs. Nigel took me to another site where they’d installed free cooling and the company were kind enough to print off their energy savings for me, which were phenomenal.”

“IsoCool were not the cheapest quote we had, but they’re one of the best. IsoCool’s kit offers exceptional quality and their installation is really professional. You get what you pay for, and we’re in it for the long term, so I’d recommend IsoCool to anyone who’s serious about savings.”

Mick Wood

CEO at Coral Plc


“IsoCool stuck to the installation period despite severely adverse weather conditions.  It was essential to us that IsoCool were able to work in partnership with us to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.”

“I’m proud to say that the teamwork exhibited by both my team and the IsoCool squad meant that we achieved that goal.”

Jon Hart

Logoplaste Plant Manager


“We were confident that they (IsoCool) would take care of us before, during and after the installation, rather than just supply the kit and disappear.”

“Compared to the same time last year, when we had a similar volume of production, we’ve saved 40,000 kW in January and February. This equates to around £3,600 in fuel savings. … IsoCool delivered on target and on time to the minute.”

“We are so impressed with IsoCool’s service that we’ve given them our maintenance contract as well. I would recommend them to anyone looking for energy savings and excellent service.”

Angus Frazer

Company Secretary at Logoplaste


“We had previously used a competitor of IsoCool but became progressively disillusioned with the service. IsoCool recently completed a demanding installation at our Essex site and did an excellent job, so we decided to use them again.”

Jason Hall

Engineering Manager at J&A Young (Leicester) Ltd


“IsoCool ticked all the boxes for us; great references from other companies, really advanced Eurochiller kit, and they have a great reputation in the industry for coming up with highly efficient solutions – all in all, a great partner.”

Georgina Parker

Director at the Polymer Training and Innovations Centre (PTIC)


“IsoCool stood out because of its level of service, excellent technical detail and fantastic references.”

“IsoCool’s service was excellent. The engineers were fantastic, they worked well with the other contractors, and everything was on time.”

Steve Ellis

Operations Manager at Alma Products


“IsoCool’s solution optimised our existing system and was therefore really cost-effective in the short and long term.”

“IsoCool’s preparation was meticulous and the installation was carried out at times that suited us. The payback schedule they gave us beforehand is also proving accurate and we’re really pleased with the energy savings we’ve made.”

Stuart Wilson

Engineering Manager at OGM


“Our manufacturing processes are required to meet exacting standards, and IsoCool’s proposals and approach inspired us with the highest level of confidence. They were also the only company to offer an attractive energy-saving solution like the IsoFC. “

“We’ve been incredibly impressed with IsoCool. The stainless steel welded system was particularly excellent and the quality of workmanship throughout the installation first-class.”

Shaun Grundon

Health, Safety and Environmental Officer at Fluorocarbon


“We’ve been monitoring the energy consumption of our new system closely, and so far we’re right on track to achieving the savings which IsoCool predicted in their cost analysis. It’s basically a self-financing project – once the loan is paid back, we’ll be saving in excess of £13,000 every year.”

“IsoCool did an excellent job with the installation and worked it so that there was no loss of production. Their site survey was extremely thorough too, and our savings forecast is spot on.”

Alan Franklin

Managing Director at Signal Plastics Components


“We’re saving over £500 a month on energy bills at the moment, which makes a big difference to a small, growing company. We’ve been able to invest back into the business, and thanks to being more cost-efficient, enjoyed a brilliant last quarter – we won some really big automotive contracts, moved to bigger premises and employed more staff.”

“In fact we’ve already taken another free-standing chiller from IsoCool to work with a special application that requires mould cooling below 10°C. I really can’t see myself using any other cooling specialist now.”

Maurice Callan

Operations Director of Moss Plastic Parts


“Working with IsoCool has been great; they delivered what they said they would.”

Sam Hill

Managing Director at Adreco Plastics


“We experienced excellent service and response at all times from IsoCool.”

“Naturally, we had some initial queries post-installation, but these were answered swiftly and comprehensively.”

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